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Biora's Presence at Natural Products Expo West 2023

  • 2 min read
We were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate at Natural Products Expo West this year. Thousands of people attended and Biora received a great response to its innovative products. From the comments and reactions that we got, it was clear that our presence there was a success! Let's take a look at what made this event so special for us.

Our Product Lineup

The goal of our presence at this expo was to introduce Biora’s unique product line to a wider audience and demonstrate why our fermented food products are so special. We believe that kombucha brings a healthier, more functional alternative to traditional dressings and vinegars, as it is free from artificial preservatives and includes many more benefits for the gut flora. Biora also contains live cultures, prebiotics and postbiotics, which offer many health benefits - including digestive assistance and immune system support - that regular dressings simply don’t provide. This is why we were so eager to share its benefits with everyone who visited our booth.
Biora's booth at the 2023 Natural Product Expo West 

The People We Met

One of the best parts about attending Natural Products Expo West was getting to meet new people and build relationships with potential customers and partners. We had numerous conversations with industry professionals as well as everyday consumers who were curious about Biora’s kombucha-based dressings and vinegars. Everyone was excited to learn more about them, and it gave us an opportunity to share our story and mission.

Biora mentioned in a blog post

We were pleased to be mentioned in a blog post by one of the event’s attendees! In this post, he talks about his experience at Expo West and highlights some of his favorite moments—including Biora! He talks about how impressed he was with the quality of our dressings and vinegars and its benefits. It was a great feeling being recognized like that for all of our hard work!
Biora team at the 2023 Natural Product Expo West

All in all, attending Natural Products Expo West 2023 was an incredible experience for the Biora team. Not only did we get to showcase our products but also build meaningful connections with both industry professionals and everyday consumers alike. And on top of that, we even got mentioned in one attendee’s blog post which made it even more special for us. We look forward to continuing on this journey with all of you. Thank you for joining us on this exciting venture!