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Biora's story is one of passion, hard work, and dedication to promoting health and wellness. Behind this brand is a young mother who started her journey by fermenting kombucha in her home. With time, she developed a deep understanding of the science behind kombucha and expanded her expertise by fermenting 50 different plants. This resulted in the creation of 100% healthy products through the power of symbiotic fermentation. Biora is proud to continue this legacy of passion and dedication, bringing the benefits of fermented foods to communities around the world.

You are what you eat

We’ve all heard that before, right? Well, it happens to be true. Since most of us don’t live on fruits & vegetables alone, finding wholesome, functional food at your local supermarket is a real challenge. Chantale Houle loves a challenge. She thought “...How about adding gut-healthy fermented foods to the grocery list? Like - vinegars, salad dressings, beverages? And proving once & for all that gut-boosting, fermented food can taste really great?...” That was the lightbulb moment that led to the birth of Biora.

The delicious way to get gut healthy

Today, symbiotically-fermented foods are in the nutritional spotlight, backed by millennials' worth of proof. Applying this to condiments & beverages - with flavor profiles that we as North Americans enjoy - is our mission. Today, we’re proud to introduce a product lineup that we know can get America gut-healthy, one delicious bite at a time. Our fermented, plant-based salad dressings & vinegars  are engineered to turbocharge your gut microbiota, radically improve digestion & generate energy - and make your taste buds go WOW!

gut drawn on a board with healthy foods around it

The Biora promise

"I personally promise that every product bearing the Biora label is made - and will always be made - with only the purest, responsibly-sourced ingredients, prepared without compromise. I also promise that when you start incorporating our symbiotically fermented plant-based nutrition into your diet, you’ll not only love the taste but you’ll feel an immediate positive impact on your health."

Chantale Houle, CEO

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